Hello from Wisconsin!

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Jul 21st, '11, 20:11
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Hello from Wisconsin!

by CasualConnoisseur » Jul 21st, '11, 20:11

I started my journey to tea with honey water that my mom would give me when I was sick as a kid. I progressed then to tea sweetened with honey when I was sick, made the leap to unsweetened a little later, and then found loose-leaf teas-- my mind was blown. Oolong teas are my favorites (especially milk oolongs), and blacks, my least-favorites (although a cup of Earl Grey is an occasional welcome visitor at my breakfast table). I don't much enjoy grassy greens (or grassy anything), but I have a small stash of silver needle that goes down quite well on a hot summer evening.

I'm something of an addict, but haven't yet progressed to the twenty-teapots stage. I love tea, but haven't bought anything insanely expensive yet and keep my tea casual. Sometimes it's in a pot, other times in a handmade mug I picked up at an art fair for my birthday. Sometimes I savor, sip, and swallow my tea with great appreciation; other times it gets a spoonful of honey and I watch the evening news cradling my mug. Hey- tea is great, but it's still just tea.

(I also have something of a penchant for parentheses. Sorry!)

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Jul 22nd, '11, 13:35
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Re: Hello from Wisconsin!

by teaisme » Jul 22nd, '11, 13:35

hey welcome to the chatty
glad to see you keep your tea casual :wink:

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Jul 22nd, '11, 23:12
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Re: Hello from Wisconsin!

by IPT » Jul 22nd, '11, 23:12


Welcome to the forum. I am always happy to see another Cheese Head here. I am proud to be one.

The world of tea is an incredible one and you will learn a lot. I look forward to seeing you around the forum.

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