Hello from Washington, DC

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Jul 21st, '11, 11:01
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Hello from Washington, DC

by alim90 » Jul 21st, '11, 11:01

Hi all,

I was just finishing my second cup this morning and reflecting on how the best days always seem to start with a nice cup of tea. So I thought I'd look for some good tea quotes and remembered Adagio had a forum. That being said, now that I'm registered, I'm looking forward to learning new things from fellow enthusiasts.

I'm an almost-21 year old college student studying in the nation's capital. I started drinking tea as a freshman in high school back when I thought Lipton was amazing. I soon discovered Tetley and swore by it, until my brother bought me Adagio's loose tea samplers for Christmas last year. I quickly realized the difference in quality and now it pains me to drink supermarket tea (twinings is the exception...I can still tolerate that!).

My favorites from adagio are Irish Breakfast, darjeeling sugma summer, and most recently lapsang souchong (thanks to the free sample put in my cart!). I also really like formosa bai hao every once in a while and enjoy rooibos tea from time to time, but haven't ever tried a red tea blend from adagio.

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Jul 22nd, '11, 13:39
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Re: Hello from Washington, DC

by teaisme » Jul 22nd, '11, 13:39

whats up!

welcome, hope teachat opens your eyes to the infinite vastness of tea like it did for me :shock:

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