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Jul 22nd, '11, 12:50
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Iced Tea

by ashenkman » Jul 22nd, '11, 12:50


I am a big fan of iced tea and I was wondering if you could recommend me which are the best teas to make iced tea. Please include how many teaspoons and time.

So far I think that the ones with fruit and flavor are the ones that taste the best.


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Jul 23rd, '11, 07:46
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Re: Iced Tea

by Xell » Jul 23rd, '11, 07:46

Did you try roasted barley tea or also known as mugicha? I think it's best cold tea. Also i like cold brew sencha and genmaicha, about 4 tea spoon for 1L and ~12h in fridge. Houjicha is also nice, tea with a bit spicy and roasted aroma. Hot brew and then cool down.

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Sep 27th, '11, 16:27
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Re: Iced Tea

by AlexZorach » Sep 27th, '11, 16:27

I frequently make all-herbal iced drinks. My favorite ingredients are green rooibos, lemongrass (fresh or dried), lemon balm, lemon verbena, or lemon myrtle, spearmint...and a little bit of cardamom.

In terms of actual tea, I've had good luck icing bancha, as well as a variety of different Chinese teas, including mao feng and (inexpensive, lower grade) bi luo chun. I usually don't use the most top-notch tea for icing, instead using good, but not outstanding stuff. I actually ice green tea more than black. Sometimes I ice Assams or Yunnans. I tried icing oolongs but wasn't crazy about it.

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