On subtley

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Aug 6th, '11, 21:57
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On subtley

by SlientSipper » Aug 6th, '11, 21:57

How subtle is too subtle?
At what point does it ruin tea for you?

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Aug 9th, '11, 13:37
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Re: On subtley

by teaisme » Aug 9th, '11, 13:37

for me if the tea and water are good its pretty hard for it to be ruined no matter how light I brew

Sep 8th, '11, 21:57
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Re: On subtley

by CasualConnoisseur » Sep 8th, '11, 21:57

Some whites are too subtle for me, but most other teas have enough flavor for me to enjoy. Once in a while I'll get one I have to strain to taste though, and that's just no fun. I can enjoy pretty subtle flavors, however, because my water quality is a notch above heavenly. I've learned to pack stronger teas when I travel.

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Sep 8th, '11, 22:19
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Re: On subtley

by Chip » Sep 8th, '11, 22:19

Depends on the tea and the respective expectations. Most teas I do not have subtle expectations. The obvious exceptions would include Silver Needle which I actually brew to accentuate this subtleness ... 160ish degrees for relatively short steeps ... lovely.

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