Weirdest oolong ever?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Aug 27th, '05, 19:47
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Weirdest oolong ever?

by Miotu » Aug 27th, '05, 19:47

Okay, here's the friend just got from china, and he brought with him what was told to him to be the best chinese oolong out there. Now, I am not gonna take that claim for anything, but when I opened the bag that he presented me, the oolong was covered with some sort of dark green powder.

Being a HUGE oolong fan, I had to try this tea. I must say, it has a wonderful flavor, and after the second infusion is perfectly in-between green and black (very zen, eh?). So, I was wondering, what the hell is this mystery tea anyways?

Jan 12th, '06, 12:40

by illium » Jan 12th, '06, 12:40

I lived in China for some time, and I'm pretty familiar with Oolong teas. Can you please describe it further? Did your friend tell you it's Chinese name, or even a rought English translation? Are there any chracters on the packaging that might give us a clue?

The dark green powder could be any number of things.. What is the flavour like? Fruity over-tones? Licorice? Ginseng? Floral at all?


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