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Aug 23rd, '11, 18:18
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Placebo Tea

by SlientSipper » Aug 23rd, '11, 18:18

So one time I heard that if you cup your hand like you are grasping a salt shaker and open your mouth and stick your tongue and shake your cupped hand you will taste salt.

I tried that with water.
I got a bottle of plain water and drank some... I told myself it was good oolong.

It tasted like a good Oolong.

I wonder if you tried that with imaginary booze would you get drunk? :?:

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Sep 27th, '11, 16:24
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Re: Placebo Tea

by AlexZorach » Sep 27th, '11, 16:24

The brain is very powerful!

And yes...I've seen many people get "drunk" before without consuming a drop of alcohol. It actually happens all the time at college parties. Sometimes I think it's conscious and other times I think it's unconscious. If you ever attend one, watch carefully what each people do. Plenty of people actually drink, but some of them fill up their cup, maybe halfway, at the keg, and then nurse that single half-beer for the whole party...but get progressively "drunker" as everyone around them does.

It's highly amusing to me.

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