Drinking puerh for many days, how?

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Aug 29th, '11, 06:59
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Drinking puerh for many days, how?

by Xell » Aug 29th, '11, 06:59

I saw many times already people tell that they can continue one session for days or even weeks. Of course good long lasting pu is needed, but how to do it properly and not spoil leaves overnight?

Recently i've tried 2005 – Lao Ban Zhang, this one was really durable. I was drinking it whole day, even skipped my usual daily sencha... still some flavor was left at the end of day :)

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Aug 29th, '11, 07:54
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Re: Drinking puerh for many days, how?

by brandon » Aug 29th, '11, 07:54

After you've gotten to a certain stage, where the bitterness has subsided and brews are lasting over a minute or three (10-15 or more brews) you can put cool water over the leaves and rest them overnight. Drink that water in the morning and put hot water over for 5 minutes, drink, put cool water over, go to work. Come home, drink, add hot water, cool water, sleep, drink, repeat, drunk!

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Aug 29th, '11, 12:41
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Re: Drinking puerh for many days, how?

by AdamMY » Aug 29th, '11, 12:41

I personally because I hate to boil water specifically for one or two infusions of a tea, after I get a day or two completely out of the tea, I move onto just cold water extended length steeps. Although if I do happen to be making some other tea at the time I will hit the leaves with hot water.

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Aug 29th, '11, 14:34
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Re: Drinking puerh for many days, how?

by wyardley » Aug 29th, '11, 14:34

With very old pu'er, you can also do long infusions in a thermos, or even boil the tea leaves once the tea stops producing drinkable tea via the normal methods.

I have mixed feelings about this. With very old and rare tea, I don't like letting any bit of it go to waste. At the same time, there is something to be said for remembering at tea when it was at its peak.

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