Go to Japan for FREE!!!!!!!!!

Culture, language, tangibles, intangibles from countries known for tea. China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, India, etc...

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Jul 15th, '11, 16:39
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Go to Japan for FREE!!!!!!!!!

by JBaymore » Jul 15th, '11, 16:39

Not busy from September 15 until December 24th? Here's your chance to see a LOT of Japan........ like ALL of it...... for FREE.


I'm headed to Japan on September 15th. See you there?



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Jul 15th, '11, 18:01
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Re: Go to Japan for FREE!!!!!!!!!

by debunix » Jul 15th, '11, 18:01

Whoah! Want to go!

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Jul 16th, '11, 21:26
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Re: Go to Japan for FREE!!!!!!!!!

by bagua7 » Jul 16th, '11, 21:26

Thanks for the heads up! :)

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Jul 17th, '11, 20:39
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Re: Go to Japan for FREE!!!!!!!!!

by Drax » Jul 17th, '11, 20:39

Wow, that would be extremely awesome! Sort of like when Australia put a job posting up for the worlds "best job" of being caretaker of that island.

Anyway, best of luck if anybody here tries to enter the contest...!

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Sep 13th, '11, 21:37
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Re: Go to Japan for FREE!!!!!!!!!

by Terri » Sep 13th, '11, 21:37

Ya know..I was born and raised in the southern states..particularly Texas and North Carolina..and now i'm in the Northwest..it's pretty said being Japanese and American born that I don't know a lick or speak any Japanese lol. it's about as foreign to me as the next American.

Although i'd like to visit Japan..I knew this feller from Japan and he gave me some of this Tea and a set they use in that tea ceremony stuff that they do.

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