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Re: Measuring water with a scale

by CasualConnoisseur » Sep 24th, '11, 17:06

I just know how much water each of my cups/pots holds. I usually fill them and pour the water into a measuring cup to determine the volume of a full pot when I buy it. I just eyeball it if I'm making, say, a half-pot.

This works for me because I have two pots, one mug, and my cups are effectively the same size. If I had enough that it was confusing, I would probably tape a chart to the inside of my tea cabinet to remember.

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Sep 25th, '11, 02:10
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Re: Measuring water with a scale

by gingkoseto » Sep 25th, '11, 02:10

Bob_McBob wrote:
gingkoseto wrote:In fact, I've never bought a yixing or kyusu with the exact volume described by the vendor. Have you? :wink:
In my experience, they usually end up being slightly bigger than the size the vendor states, unless there is a gross description error (e.g. a 100mL pot I bought turned out to be 150mL). I really appreciate when vendors take the time to measure volume and describe it accurately like this ;)
Thanks :lol: And notice "approximately" is the magic word :wink:

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