Hello All!

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Nov 28th, '07, 18:46
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Hello All!

by Ashiro » Nov 28th, '07, 18:46

Big fan of tea - only just noticed this place recently. Can't believe it took me so long.

(edited by your friendly neighborhood mod squad...please read forum rules)

Look forward to many happy postings on here. :)

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Nov 28th, '07, 20:25
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by Wesli » Nov 28th, '07, 20:25

Hey Ashiro! Great to have you here! :D

But I have teaz to drink...

Laterz :P

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Nov 29th, '07, 02:42
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by skywarrior » Nov 29th, '07, 02:42

Welcome! 8)

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Nov 29th, '07, 03:08
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by Space Samurai » Nov 29th, '07, 03:08

Yes, welcome.

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Nov 29th, '07, 11:36
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by fencerdenoctum » Nov 29th, '07, 11:36

Ashiro, welcome to Teachat!

Have a wonderful time exploring all the collected tea knowledge here.

Also drink more tea.

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

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Nov 29th, '07, 16:02
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by Trey Winston » Nov 29th, '07, 16:02

Welcome, Ashiro :D

You're right, this may be the happiest forum on the net :D

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Dec 1st, '07, 08:57
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by Chip » Dec 1st, '07, 08:57

Hello and welcome to the forum, Ashiro?

What's in your cup?

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