Use for Spent Leaves

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Oct 19th, '11, 13:28
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Re: Use for Spent Leaves

by Firemoss » Oct 19th, '11, 13:28

needaTEAcher wrote:How do you dehydrate them? My fiance loves to make collages, and the tea tin idea is great!
wyardley shared an easy way to dehydrate. I cheat and use a dehydrator, though. :mrgreen:
A collage of different dehydrated tea leaves....hmmmm...not a bad idea at all! I think I'm gonna steal that! 8)

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Oct 19th, '11, 20:06
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Re: Use for Spent Leaves

by needaTEAcher » Oct 19th, '11, 20:06

Any particular adhesive that works best?

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