Class Presentation on Tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Oct 20th, '11, 10:29
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Class Presentation on Tea

by teaforthetillerman » Oct 20th, '11, 10:29

Recently I have had the pleasure of experiencing my first chinese tea ceremony while visiting some family in Minnesota. This has definetely added a certain depth to my understanding of tea. Coincidently, I am taking a Chinese History class for my Master's Program at school and have been given permission to make some tea and give a short presentation to the class.

Specifically I will be serving some Bi Luo Chun (Green) that was given to me along with some others at the tea ceremony. I would like to develop a short handout on tea in general (but probably gear the presentation more towards green since that is what I will be serving), but any information on tea would be great.

I searched the interent for some facts and used some of my own knowledge to begin. If anybody has some free time and would like provide some general historical or interesting facts it would be great to hear them. If there is a thread that I have not seen relating to this please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Oct 20th, '11, 17:09
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Re: Class Presentation on Tea

by jan » Oct 20th, '11, 17:09

A very big field. I'd recommend "The New Tea Lover's Treasury" from James Norwood Pratt for the start. A quick read with a history about tea, tea ceremonies and gives and overview of some teas.

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