New to tea... HELP!

Trends and Tips on developing and operating a tea business.

Aug 18th, '10, 02:41
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New to tea... HELP!

by vtheteagirl » Aug 18th, '10, 02:41

Hello! I am new to the tea business and I was wondering what the best way to go about buying wholesale tea would be. Also, I read about a program that certifies you to be a "Tea MAster", has anyone completed a program such as this?

While your'e at it please read my new blog and tell me what you think!
Thanks everyone!!

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Aug 18th, '10, 14:13
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Re: New to tea... HELP!

by teaisme » Aug 18th, '10, 14:13

read your blog its a start, maybe it would be better though to thoroughly know about the topic that you are talking about before you write about it (unless of course you state that your knowledge is in its infancy, which you do not).

Teachat is a great place to start gaining some knowledge, browse around I'm sure you will find plenty. The Tea Retailer section has a good article on caffeine in tea, check it out (page 2 list).

Welcome to teachat ! and have a good one :mrgreen:

Jan 14th, '11, 23:54
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Re: New to tea... HELP!

by teapartywhimsy » Jan 14th, '11, 23:54

a tea master training is on knowing different teas by tasting them.

I suggest you start with this.
It's a start to cupping (tea tasting) but also introduces you to tea history, business, and where to look for teas (specific wholesalers) as well as which teas are popular to stock.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this course. I keep going back for more and more classes that they offer because it is so much great information and is so helpful in narrowing down what exactly your tea dream is and how to make it happen.

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Nov 7th, '11, 17:03
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Re: New to tea... HELP!

by AlexZorach » Nov 7th, '11, 17:03

I would really encourage you to put off starting a tea business before you've spent a year or two reading about tea, sampling different teas, and visiting different tea businesses and talking to their owners and employees.

I've been working in tea for over two years now, through running my interactive website, mainly, and I was seriously into sampling high-quality loose-leaf teas for maybe about six months leading up to that. I've been moderately interested in tea though for years before that...and I have a background in herbs, gardening, and other related areas.

I see a lot of people get into the tea industry who don't really know as much about tea as I do, and I think that's pretty risky, because I'm not an expert and I started my websites as a side project, and, as much as I love tea, it is not my life passion or life focus or interest. I see people making basic business mistakes too...the biggest mistake I see people make is working full-time on a brick-and-mortar business (without a side job or main source of income) but not having enough savings to keep the business open for the initial 1-2 years where you're virtually guaranteed to not be profitable. There was a cute tea room, for example, in Newark, DE, which hardly stayed open 6 can't do that. Businesses often don't make money in the first couple have to have a big cash reserve. If you don't have it in your savings, or can't secure the loan to get it, then don't go into business yet.

Also, there are some things that you really can only realize for yourself. You'll see that some businesses do things really well, and others just don't. I'm no tea guru, but if I had to start a tea business tomorrow, I'd know how to carry a broad selection of high-quality teas and I'd know how to obtain them very cheaply so I could sell them at a price that was affordable to my customers, and yet making a healthy profit. If you aren't confident with that, then it's not time to start thinking about starting a tea business. Figure out tea first, and figure out business too. Then when you feel confident, start thinking seriously about starting something.

Good luck!

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