Elusive Holiday Menu

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Nov 9th 11 2:33 pm
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Elusive Holiday Menu

by Tetrateeth » Nov 9th 11 2:33 pm

Hi there, at the risk of sounding like an incompetent, I've got a question to ask - How do I get to Adagio's holiday menu?
I was looking through the component parts of a blend I recently purchased, which included cranberry-flavored tea. Clicking on that ingredient showed me a menu of all the holiday teas, all of which looked delicious, and none of which (aside from the cranberry) I had known existed until now. It was like stumbling upon a secret goodie room in one of those old scrolling video games!
So is there a way to access this menu, aside from my sneaky roundabout way through the signature blends? I've looked carefully all over the site's home page, but all that I see there is a link to buy cranberry tea in tins...

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Nov 9th 11 3:38 pm
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Re: Elusive Holiday Menu

by Chip » Nov 9th 11 3:38 pm

It is "hidden" under gifts ... I only knew this because I had seen the gift chest. They are available in tins, sampler, chest ...

http://www.adagio.com/gifts/holiday_tea ... 9a13496feb