Just a quick introduction

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Nov 15th, '11, 14:56
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Just a quick introduction

by mWin » Nov 15th, '11, 14:56

Hello everyone! I just wanted to start off with a quick introduction to get started on the forums.

I have been drinking tea for the past few years, but only recently started to really appreciate the different flavors. After casually browsing around on the different topics I see there are many knowledgeable people around here. I also realize that I still have a lot to learn!

I started drinking the loose leaf teas about 1.5 years ago and started off with teas from Adagio so it's fitting that I am now a member here. :D

I hope to get more involved with these forums, or at least reading a lot more as there is a lot of good information and it appears that everyone is very friendly!

Thanks and have a great day!

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Nov 15th, '11, 15:22
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Re: Just a quick introduction

by teaisme » Nov 15th, '11, 15:22

Hi and welcome and thanks!
mWin wrote:I also realize that I still have a lot to learn!
Don't we all :mrgreen:

Nov 15th, '11, 15:51
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Re: Just a quick introduction

by Proinsias » Nov 15th, '11, 15:51


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Nov 15th, '11, 17:21
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Re: Just a quick introduction

by MIKE_B » Nov 15th, '11, 17:21

New here too.

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Nov 16th, '11, 00:20
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Re: Just a quick introduction

by Chip » Nov 16th, '11, 00:20

Hi and welcome to TeaChat. Hope to see you around the forums.

Enjoy your TeaJourney!

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