Nov 30th, '07, 21:53
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Need Help finding French creme brul'e flavored tea

by ss » Nov 30th, '07, 21:53

I have tasted a tea I REALLY like, but I can not find it to buy more. I got a sample somewhere when traveling. It was a flavored black tea, call French Creme Brul'e. It give the tea a very strong carmel flavor, MUCH stronger than the carmel tea adagio. I would love to find this, or better still, this flavor added to white, green or oolong, as I prefer the teas that have more health benefit, which is lacking in the black teas.
Can anyone provide a lead to this, or know of a tea that gives a much stronger infussion of the carmel flavor than the adagio tea.


Dec 1st, '07, 01:16
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by ss » Dec 1st, '07, 01:16

After reading a bit on this site I discovered a suggested link that ....low and behold...took me to what I was looking for. If you're interested in trying this tea:
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Dec 1st, '07, 01:35
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by Chip » Dec 1st, '07, 01:35

How did I know that you were going to post a link after you miraculously found the tea.

Oops, your link is history.

Please read forum rules.

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Dec 1st, '07, 01:47
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by Wesli » Dec 1st, '07, 01:47

I dunno, that stuff sounds pretty nasty.

I want some lemon-tea.

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Dec 1st, '07, 02:09
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by Ed » Dec 1st, '07, 02:09

The Citron Green is very lemony.

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Dec 1st, '07, 02:14
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by Wesli » Dec 1st, '07, 02:14

I didn't find it to be all that lemony at all.

My preferred citrus green is Yuzucha.


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Dec 1st, '07, 13:39
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by Monkey in China » Dec 1st, '07, 13:39

French crème brulée

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