Hello from Florida

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Dec 6th, '11, 14:50
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Hello from Florida

by MrsSteelfox » Dec 6th, '11, 14:50

I had a friend refer me to this site because I have always loved tea but didn't know much about it. In fact I know pretty much zilch. So he said this forum is a great place to learn about teas and meet other tea enthusiasts. I have been drinking tea all my life. Mostly just green teas and southern sweet tea. My first real cup of tea (in my opinion) was at Teavana's in Tampa about a year ago and was completely hooked. I don't even remember what tea it was except that it was a chines white tea. It was the most amazing thing I have ever drank. I am hoping to learn all I can about tea, including cultural differences of tea drinkers worldwide, how its made (from the start of the tea plant to the cup), how to brew it correctly and so on.

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Dec 6th, '11, 15:09
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Re: Hello from Florida

by teaisme » Dec 6th, '11, 15:09

ello and welcome!

Dec 8th, '11, 03:11
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Re: Hello from Florida

by chiqclick » Dec 8th, '11, 03:11

welcome! :D

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Dec 13th, '11, 21:11
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Re: Hello from Florida

by Chip » Dec 13th, '11, 21:11

MrsSteelfox, great to have you here, welcome to TeaChat! :mrgreen:

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