kasuga zairai sencha, safe?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Dec 13th, '11, 16:47
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kasuga zairai sencha, safe?

by Fireflower » Dec 13th, '11, 16:47

i like to buy this sencha from hojo, that for me is the number 1 shop (kawane zairai sencha is my fav sencha and for and incredible rate/quality)
the only thing that i am scared is that it come from gifu and i don't know how it is regrding radiation.
someone have some information about it?
thank you

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Dec 13th, '11, 17:11
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Re: kasuga zairai sencha, safe?

by Ambrose » Dec 13th, '11, 17:11

Nope but I love it too I actually love Tsukigase a bit more :D

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Dec 13th, '11, 17:29
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Re: kasuga zairai sencha, safe?

by Chip » Dec 13th, '11, 17:29

A good place to ask is in the "radiation topic" ... who ever thought we would have the need for a radiation topic (actually there are 3 ... er now 4). The radiation topic would be best since this it is the one stop topic for this discussion. :idea:

Please post this here: http://www.teachat.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=16144


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Dec 13th, '11, 19:44
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Re: kasuga zairai sencha, safe?

by David R. » Dec 13th, '11, 19:44

And don't be afraid to ask Akira about this issue. Knowing him a little, I am sure that he did a thorough investigation on this matter and is able to provide concrete data about this.

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