Dec 22nd, '11, 12:38
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Fiance loved Golden Honey Darjeeling black tea

by penciltester » Dec 22nd, '11, 12:38

I need advice/help. My fiance's favorite tea of all time was Celestial teas Golden Honey Darjeeling black tea. They don't make it anymore. I even called the company to see if they would release a generic version of the recipe to me. The answer was no. So here I am, do any of you know how to "clone" the "recipe/mix". Would love to wake her up on Christmas morning with a cup of tea that doesn't exist anymore, Christmas magic and all that. It says that it has orange peel, honey, and other flavors/ingredients. The way she goes on about it one would think it was mixed with a narcotic.

Thanks in advance.

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Dec 22nd, '11, 22:00
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Re: Fiance loved Golden Honey Darjeeling black tea

by iannon » Dec 22nd, '11, 22:00

thats a tough one..and may be a bit late for xmas. but I read a description of that tea that said it had chamomile and citrus in it. From Adagio you could grab a bag of plain Darjeeling and a sample size of lemongrass and chamomile and mix something together..the honey is the odd man out..probably would have to add real honey to your cup :P

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Re: Fiance loved Golden Honey Darjeeling black tea

by wh&yel-apprentice » Dec 23rd, '11, 00:49 ... onings.htm
• Golden Honey Darjeeling: Cultivated at the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling teas are prized around the world for their superb flavor and exquisite aroma. Our Golden Honey Darjeeling is a lively black tea blend with lightly fragrant overtones. We add a hint of real honey to heighten the natural bouquet. Sip a cup of Golden Honey Darjeeling tea and enjoy a golden moment, brought to you from the rooftop of the world. 20 bags. ORDER TODAY!
scroll 1/2 way down this pg^^^

If you are in the USA, and you call their Calif. toll-number, it's possible they could ship it Express Overnight delivery in time for Saturday delivery via FedEx?...assuming they still have it in stock...< u owe me :mrgreen:

Good luck

Try getting the fiance to broaden her tea horizon's, there are other teas with similar honey (from roasting) flavors as well as orange/mandarin peel flavors, all natural flavors, nothing added!

I have tasted this 'mandarin' peel flavored dang cong from Tea Habitat in 2009 @link below, can attest it's not hard to taste (some of the regulars here have super palates and can detect mere molecules of flavor in teas :p )...kind of expensive, but this is your true love, no?
2006 Ju Hua Xiang -- Mandarin Orange Flower Fragrance ... cts_id=295

^have to disagree with Imen on this description in the link above, however. As a certifiable fruit fanatic, who has tasted orange blossom ice cream (made with real orange flower petals) in the local Persian ic store, which *does* taste and smell of very floral 'citrusy' flavor; the tea Imen sells @her TH online store most definitely gives a more orange/mandarin *peel*, essence of citrus peel oils, type of aroma/taste < big difference to my palate.

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