12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

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Dec 25th, '11, 10:31
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12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by Chip » Dec 25th, '11, 10:31

to all celebrating!

Today is simply another FreeDay TeaDay. Please drop in, share what is in your cup ... and feel free to discuss whatever topic is on your mind. After all, this is our TeaRoom.

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Dec 25th, '11, 10:48
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Re: 12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by nrstooge » Dec 25th, '11, 10:48

Made a big pot of Earl Grey Moonlight.. to go along with the killer buttermilk scones I made myself for breakfast today. :D

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Dec 25th, '11, 10:50
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Re: 12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by Lerxst2112 » Dec 25th, '11, 10:50

Hope the community has a happy and safe Christmas!

Had gifted a great Jungjak from Dao Tea, and a 2005 Xiaguan Baoyan from Yunnan sourcing. And gosh I hope he's opened them before reading this otherwise...heh...oops!

I'm not sure if this is an appropriate place for this, but this was my first order from Dao, and I must say that I was impressed. The folks there were very professional, went through great lengths to answer my questions, and the order was shipped lightening-fast, and had actually arrived 2 weeks ago. The recipient was able to sample the Jungjak, and thus far, has been pleased. I will definitely be doing business with them in the future!


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Dec 25th, '11, 12:16
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Re: 12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by AdamMY » Dec 25th, '11, 12:16

This morning was a Tealightful christmas morning. I will have to take pictures shortly, but I got some nifty tea ware, a new book on tea, and some teas.

Already brewed up and consumed some Oriental Beauty.

Dec 25th, '11, 12:23
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Re: 12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by teahater » Dec 25th, '11, 12:23

Ladies and gentlemen; I suggest you read this informative post I have taken a significant amount of my free time to dedicate towards your wellbeing!


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Dec 25th, '11, 12:55
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Re: 12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by debunix » Dec 25th, '11, 12:55

A lovely start to the day today--alternating sips of hot chocolate with cinnamon and chili, and Ujibashi "kirameki" sencha from O-Cha, and warm cherry bread dipped in honey butter. Much to be grateful for, good health, good job, soon to be visiting family again, and the pleasant prospect of a spending some hours over the holiday with camera, teas and teawares, catching up.

I'm also looking forward to a very quiet celebration with a little sample of a very special Dan Cong tea.....I had just finished off my pouch of Osmanthus fragrance DC, and knowing I only had one package of DC left, had headed over to the Tea Habitat site to browse for my next order. I will definitely be taking careful notes to share with this one.

Hoping everyone is having a lovely day with some special tea-moments too.

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Dec 25th, '11, 16:01
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Re: 12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by blairswhitaker » Dec 25th, '11, 16:01

today I am having some christmas koicha. Very merry green matcha christmas to all!

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Dec 25th, '11, 16:44
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Re: 12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by gargoylekitty » Dec 25th, '11, 16:44

I got a bit of teaware as part of my holiday treats...
...already had the cup, but had been eyeing the kyusu, thinking they'd go great together, and they do(imo)! Wasn't sure I was getting it, so was quite pleased upon opening and can't wait to use it.

In the meantime, another gift, some of Adagio's Mei Hua. It's nice.

Dec 25th, '11, 17:14
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Re: 12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by bryan_drinks_tea » Dec 25th, '11, 17:14

Merry Christmas (to all celebrating!)

I was the recipient of the Korean tea and the 2005 Xiaguan Bao Yan brick - and I am ecstatic about both. I hope that others have had a wonderful Christmas day! Yay!

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Dec 26th, '11, 09:59
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Re: 12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by JRS22 » Dec 26th, '11, 09:59

I'm enjoying the first tea of the quiet "day after" and mulling over the relative value of Asa-Giri Gyokuro Karigane vs the 'real' gyo I just finished, Tsuru Jirushu. The Asa-Giri is good, but still not the holy grail of 'everyday' gyo.

Here's an app plug for those of you with iPhones and Itouches. The app Tea is on sale for 99¢. It works well as a tea timer because it can keep records of different time/temp parameters for multiple infusions of each tea, maintains inventory, and is a place to store tasting notes. I'm not the vendor - just a happy user.
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Dec 26th, '11, 10:23
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Re: 12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by artmom » Dec 26th, '11, 10:23

Had a wonderful Christmas Eve at oldest son's house, then on Christmas Day, both sons and their families came over for brunch-lunch and we had a wonderful family time -- age 14 to 75!! :D

Tea today Lavender and Earl Grey tea -- best Earl Grey I've tasted. :)


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Dec 27th, '11, 13:11
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Re: 12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by AdamMY » Dec 27th, '11, 13:11

Its been a rather Green Christmas here in the Chicago area. So here is me dreaming of a white christmas.



Dec 31st, '11, 14:41
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Re: 12/25/2012 FreeDay Christmas

by JayLay189562 » Dec 31st, '11, 14:41

why would anyone want it any other way!?