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Jan 1st, '12, 15:46
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Reddit Tea List

by zencha » Jan 1st, '12, 15:46

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Jan 1st, '12, 17:55
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Re: Reddit Tea List

by Acaelus » Jan 1st, '12, 17:55

Bit late but thanks for showing the link I've been rapidly posting all over /r/tea :D

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Jan 3rd, '12, 01:25
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Re: Reddit Tea List

by Poohblah » Jan 3rd, '12, 01:25

Personally I find it easier to maintain bookmarks on my own computer. This way I can parse the list down only to those vendors that I'm actually interesting in buying from. I should do that again soon in fact, there are a couple in my bookmarks that I would never purchase from...

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Jan 3rd, '12, 15:19
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Re: Reddit Tea List

by Amaikokonut » Jan 3rd, '12, 15:19

Nice list. I'm always looking to check out new tea vendors, and I like how this is organized by type and lists shipping costs.

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