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slightly odd stories about teaware

by bryan_drinks_tea » Jan 6th, '12, 23:01

I'm putting this topic in this area because it is for lack of a better phrase...superstitious. Don't take it seriously, just read it for fun.

I bought my first teaware from hou de in september or october of 2009, a purple clay cup from nai wei ming. Once I received it, I immediately took it out of the box and shot a picture of it. Later that day, it literally popped apart while drinking a low-temp green tea.

The next piece of teaware i immediately took a picture of was a Banko Kyusu. That day, the handle popped off during brewing. no weird handling or circumstances.

Finally, the Joyce Chen Kettle. The lid cracked into 6 pieces while I was waiting on tea to brew tonight. again, there was no weird handling or circumstances.

I'm calling this one the teaware photo curse. I'm not going to take any more pictures of my teaware immediately after I get it. I'll wait a few days instead. :lol:

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Jan 6th, '12, 23:09
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Re: slightly odd stories about teaware

by iannon » Jan 6th, '12, 23:09

that is truly bizarre! i have had the joyce chen ceramic kettle for quite a while now with no issues. crosses fingers

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Re: slightly odd stories about teaware

by Acaelus » Jan 7th, '12, 20:04

Sounds like you were brewing in really cold temperatures :P

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Re: slightly odd stories about teaware

by Ludwig-1954 » Jan 9th, '12, 06:30

Good Morning

Your Story does not sound odd at all. My wife (iranian) would call this phenomenon the 'Evil Eye', a form of jealousy. This can be quite malignant by intention, usually however it is not intended by the originating person. Most people do not even know they have it. Perhaps it just results from an overdose of 'Attention' somebody or something may receive.
To counteract this phenomenon, there are many remedies. Newborn babies are equipped with a special bead or something small in a very loud colour to somewhat deflect the eye.
When having bought something new, my wife advises to expose the
Item to the smoke of burnt seeds of the wild rue, a practice that can be met in all of central Asia.

The odd thing is, that it seems to work even for a seasoned sceptic and
cynic like myself - as a mathematician I am not usually impressed by this sort of stuff.
To stay with Niels Bohr when commenting on a Horseshoe nailed to his fishing and vacation cabin: It works, even if you do not believe in it ...

Patrick B. Ludwig

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Re: slightly odd stories about teaware

by SlientSipper » Jan 17th, '12, 00:32

stories about tea ware?
Have I ever told you guys about my first tea set?

It was Chinese new year in China town.
They were having this game of Chak t'in kau.It was definately something I had never seen before.
These two ladies were hosting it. One pine tree skinny lady and one boulder sized one wide one.

There was an active crowd gathered and I gravitated in line.
I had never seen this before but, I watched people play and often lose.
Some old guy got a Chinese novelty. It seemed rather cheap but, he was happy. I noticed people would meekly toss dice into the bowl and they would walk away with the lowest of prizes. What it was I don't remember but, I recall not wanting it.

When my turn came, I gripped the dice and gave them a mighty whirl.
As if I were some Lu Bu himself were about chuck dice at Xu province.
The dice hit the bowl like a meteor nearly falling out and onto the floor.
The lady screamed. The crowded laughed.
I didn't blink.

Snake eyes? "Did I lose?" I vexed before looking up at the cheerful women.
I won a tea set.
It's dark blue tiny sized tea pot with five thimble sized cups.
I bet you could seriously brew something in it.

Still have it.

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