what is blended ripe puerh?

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Jan 10th, '12, 00:28
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what is blended ripe puerh?

by dagestan1980 » Jan 10th, '12, 00:28

Is it really a blend of shu and sheng, any thoughts on 2003 7581 ripe brick

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Jan 10th, '12, 16:46
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Re: what is blended ripe puerh?

by teaisme » Jan 10th, '12, 16:46

blended could mean just blended from different regions/areas, doesn't necessarily mean a blend of sheng and shou

For your brick I think it is all shou, just a blend from diff areas in menghai

I am new to puerh though so...maybe someone can chime in if im wrong

Either way it seems like you have a nice shou and I am considering to buy a brick for a friend thanks :mrgreen:

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