Twining's Green Tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Oct 22nd, '11, 11:30
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Twining's Green Tea

by beforewisdom » Oct 22nd, '11, 11:30

I recently bought a box of Twining's Green Tea bags.

On the plus side it tasted good and had nothing but tea in the tea bags ( Tazo puts all sorts of things in their tea like "natural flavors" -- watch out ).

It also tasted pretty decent.

The tea bags didn't do too well being steeped a second time. I noticed a big reduction in color.

Still, as far as green tea easily obtained from a supermarket goes I think it is a cut above other brands.

Jan 14th, '12, 10:43
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Re: Twining's Green Tea

by kasey » Jan 14th, '12, 10:43

If you have a Chinese supermarket in your area you may find some very decent green teas in individually foil-wrapped packets which keep them fresh for a very long time. Right now I'm drinking something called New Spring Green Tea by Asian Taste. I bought this back in 2007 and it's still fresh and absolutely delicious, in fact it's one of my favorite greens. I take it out of the bag and brew it in a gaiwan. There's another brand from Taiwan called Tradition that sells two series of bagged teas. The small box of 24 has superior flat leaf tea in a very large bag made of a tough material that will stand up to three infusions as well as letting the leaves open up.

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Feb 6th, '12, 13:26
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Re: Twining's Green Tea

by AlexZorach » Feb 6th, '12, 13:26

I agree on the Chinese / Asian stores offering things that far surpass Twinings. It is a matter of personal taste, but there are a few brands that come to mind that I would prefer to Twinings green tea, even among those widely available:

Foojoy, Ten Ren, and Yamamotoyama come to mind. Foojoy and Ten Ren for Chinese teas and Yamamotoyama for Japanese. Foojoy is particularly inexpensive. Both Foojoy and Ten Ren sell both generic Chinese green tea as well as Dragon Well (and in both cases I prefer their Dragon Well).

Feb 11th, '12, 07:45
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Re: Twining's Green Tea

by beforewisdom » Feb 11th, '12, 07:45

I have a Ten Ren tea shop, restaurant and bubble tea bar a 20 minute drive from my home. I agree with you about their green tea. They do a fantastic job. A box only cost me $5. The tea bags were individually sealed in foil. Were whole leaf. Tasted very fresh, despite the reasonable price and being in a box.

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