Starting a local tea club

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Jan 23rd, '12, 17:58
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Starting a local tea club

by zicheng » Jan 23rd, '12, 17:58

Hi Everyone,

I'm starting a local tea club within my University. I have 10 people who responded, but I don't know how many will actually attend. My intention is to make tea gongfu style, or at least make tea that is fairly well controlled and of a certain standard, to develop tea tasting abilities. The main difficulty I see is that 10 people is actually a bit crowded for gongfu tea making. Has anyone ever ran a club like this? I would like to have some advice.



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Jan 23rd, '12, 19:46
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Re: Starting a local tea club

by debunix » Jan 23rd, '12, 19:46

Never worked with a tea club, but the special interest clubs that I've involved with generally have a core of people who come regularly, and an equally larger or larger group who only come occasionally, and if 10 people expressed an interest, you'll likely end up with more like 4-6 people who will come regularly, a quite manageable number. And for the first meetings, it would be a good idea to have more than one pot/gaiwan going at the same time, in case 10 or more people actually show up.

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Jan 24th, '12, 01:05
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Re: Starting a local tea club

by bearsbearsbears » Jan 24th, '12, 01:05

Is there no one else starting this club with you who might be able to brew in addition to you? My partner and I used to brew at UCLA for their club, and we had to split up into three brewing "stations" to accomodate the 20-30 people who would show up.

When I've done gongfu demonstrations for more than 6 people, I brew two infusions into the pitcher. I find this is more natural for me than using a huge pot, because the latter requires a learning new brewing techniques.

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Jan 24th, '12, 01:07
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Re: Starting a local tea club

by wyardley » Jan 24th, '12, 01:07

You can break up into small groups if you want, though I prefer to drink all together, even though more than 5-6 tends to become a slightly different experience than drinking in a smaller group. Brewing for 9-10 is possible, though you need some larger teaware to make it work, and it's much more tiring on the person brewing (and a fair cup becomes almost essential).

I agree that, even if 10 people express interest, the chance of all of those people showing up consistently, every time you meet, is very small, which should leave you with a good number, probably closer to 4 to 6 at any given gathering.

Scheduling can be a big headache.

Jan 24th, '12, 16:48
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Re: Starting a local tea club

by zicheng » Jan 24th, '12, 16:48


Only one person showed up for the first meeting, although a few expressed apologies for missing it. I don't think numbers will be an issue after all.

I don't think anyone in the club makes their tea gongfu style, so I will be introducing it to them. I will be encouraging people to get gaiwans.

At least one person has promised to make Egyptian tea, so there will be some tea culture sharing. I have plans to make some kind tea sharing system, so that members can trade tea. Other than that, I don't have much ideas except for members to host tea sessions and invite other members over. The whole point of doing this so I don't have to drink tea alone all the time.

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Jan 25th, '12, 00:15
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Re: Starting a local tea club

by SlientSipper » Jan 25th, '12, 00:15

That's a very nice idea.
I'd like to start my own tea club or maybe rather join one.

It gets really lonely drinking tea for myself ALL the time.

Jan 26th, '12, 15:44
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Re: Starting a local tea club

by dRummie » Jan 26th, '12, 15:44

This sounds like a great idea, and makes me wonder if my university has a tea club. If you don't mind sharing, which university are you at? I'm at UofT.

Best of luck with your future events :)

Jan 26th, '12, 19:18
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hi hi

by mrBIN » Jan 26th, '12, 19:18

hi there, very interesting things :)

Jan 28th, '12, 13:39
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Re: Starting a local tea club

by zicheng » Jan 28th, '12, 13:39

Hi dRummie,

I'm at the architecture school of the University of Waterloo, which is located in Cambridge, Ontario. I wonder if there is a tea club at U of T as well; as an alumni, I may be able to join.

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