Your verdict on "Teavana"

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Jan 25th, '12, 11:02
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Re: Your verdict on "Teavana"

by CupofTree » Jan 25th, '12, 11:02

Great point Pam. I was starting to really wonder if I should spend money at Teavana because of all the negativity surrounding them on this board but it's true for me as well that Teavana was a big influence on my decision to switch to loose leaf. Like you, it was easy to find better alternatives online and since teavana is the only local tea shop I have in my area, I would like to continue going there as I've also never had a bad experience there. The majority of my teas however will be purchased elsewhere. :)

Feb 13th, '12, 17:39
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Re: Your verdict on "Teavana"

by zencha » Feb 13th, '12, 17:39

... on 1/6/12 stock price was $17.01
closed today , 2/13/12 at $24.36

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Feb 13th, '12, 20:32
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Re: Your verdict on "Teavana"

by SlientSipper » Feb 13th, '12, 20:32

cupoftree and pam,
Work at teavana, even part time.
Then tell me whether or not the good teavana has to offer outweighs the bad.

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Feb 13th, '12, 23:53
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Re: Your verdict on "Teavana"

by gingkoseto » Feb 13th, '12, 23:53

PamEast wrote:At the risk of being blasted off the board... I have to say that I think Teavana serves a purpose. I HATED tea... but then, I thought a cheap lipton's tea bag was all there was. Teavana introduced me to much better tea than a lipton's tea bag, and better brewing methods.

Give them credit for introducing loose leaf teas to previously non-tea-drinkers. They introduce new people to the wonderful world of tea every day. To my mind, anything that increases public awareness and positive attitude towards tea is good for all of us.

I agree with you on this. For the same reason, I am grateful that Starbucks introduced me to coffee, although the last time I bought from them was probably 8-9 years ago.
SlientSipper wrote:
I speak of seven plagues in America,
Teavana,Wal-Mart,Star-bucks,Kindles,Mcdonalds,Facebook, and Kardashians
I think Teavana and Starbucks make their contributions for above-mentioned reasons. Walmart is poor people's shopping heaven. Not all the people can afford better stores. I'm ok with kindle. I downloaded kindle reader on my computer and read Amazon's free kindle version classics :mrgreen: I have no complain on facebook either. At least so far it's free :mrgreen: I don't know what Kardashians is :oops:

If I were to name 7 plagues in America, I would save a few seats for investment banks, and definitely one for Monsanto. Compared with them, Teavana is angel :wink:

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Feb 14th, '12, 00:11
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Re: Your verdict on "Teavana"

by Chip » Feb 14th, '12, 00:11

... corpoarate plagues on America, don't get me started :twisted: ... the tobacco industry in general ... I generally place Philip Morris at the top of the list. They are the reason I do not buy Kraft, Nabisco, and a zillion other food products.

Teavana ... there are countless abusers of sales forces and ultimately customers. Teavana fits right in, sadly. I think most of us ideally would not want this in the name of tea. They are clearly and by far the most despised tea seller on TeaChat.

And they have duped more TCers than likely any other vendor as well.

But at least they do not spam TeaChat. :lol:

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Feb 14th, '12, 01:40
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Re: Your verdict on "Teavana"

by SlientSipper » Feb 14th, '12, 01:40

Chip wrote:
But at least they do not spam TeaChat. :lol:

I think they send shills out to troll us or something.
You remember them don't you chip?
those posters who would swing by. Toot the teavana "horn" and vanish forever?

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