Ex-wine drinker

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Feb 18th, '12, 07:35
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Ex-wine drinker

by satoribill » Feb 18th, '12, 07:35

Hi, Gave up wine as part of a lifestyle change. I have been getting more interested in tea as alternative interest. Always enjoyed a cup of tea - got more interested after sampling some at Peets while grabbing my AM coffee a few years back. Been trying a bunch of different teas. Bought some from Teavena, Peets and Upton. So far my favorites is Peets Phoenix Mountain Ooolong, Margaret's Hope First Flush Darjeerling, Empress Guei-Fei Oolong, Singalila Estate SFTGFOP1 and Peets Ancient Pur-eh. Had some whites, greens, amber oolong and Assams from Uptons but nothing real stood out for me. Cheers.

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Feb 18th, '12, 14:41
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Re: Ex-wine drinker

by tortoise » Feb 18th, '12, 14:41

Hi welcome,

Tea is an excellent substitute for alcohol, especially for a connoisseur's palate. If you were really into wine varietals, vintages, and regions, tea can be very similar. Good luck, and welcome to teachat.

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Feb 18th, '12, 15:22
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Re: Ex-wine drinker

by BioHorn » Feb 18th, '12, 15:22

Welcome. You will likely find, in your switch from wine, that tea can readily fill the leftover aroma space and variety. Good luck!

Feb 19th, '12, 06:53
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Re: Ex-wine drinker

by satoribill » Feb 19th, '12, 06:53

Hi. Thanks for the welcome. I would have to say- I live in Boston - not many good tea rooms vs wine bars!

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Feb 19th, '12, 13:06
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Re: Ex-wine drinker

by AdamMY » Feb 19th, '12, 13:06

satoribill wrote:Hi. Thanks for the welcome. I would have to say- I live in Boston - not many good tea rooms vs wine bars!
Welcome! Sadly that last statement is true probably all over the country. For now us Teafolk have to moreso go it alone, hoping we can meet up with others occasionally.

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Mar 7th, '12, 21:58
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Re: Ex-wine drinker

by Chip » Mar 7th, '12, 21:58

My my ... sorry for the very late welcome! :oops: Nevertheless, I hope to see much more of you around TeaChat.

Have a great TeaDay. Everyday.

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