OrganicIndia Tea?

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Feb 20th, '12, 02:26
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OrganicIndia Tea?

by g500 » Feb 20th, '12, 02:26

I ordered this tea:

I am new to this so please don't flame me for my selection :lol:. I ordered this to sample and will go from there.

Any opinions on this tea brand(good/bad, over priced, quality, etc)?
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Feb 27th, '12, 15:05
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Re: OrganicIndia Tea?

by teaisme » Feb 27th, '12, 15:05

Your link....

Feb 29th, '12, 15:57
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Re: OrganicIndia Tea?

by g500 » Feb 29th, '12, 15:57

teaisme wrote:Your link....
I am not allowed to post links because I am a new member.

Google: "Original Tulsi Tea" and it should be the first link.

I am wondering how this tea is? I am not a tea connoisseur like you guys so I want opinions on how it compares to other tea's(quality,pricing, etc)?


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