Pu-Erh Cabinet build.

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Feb 22nd, '12, 23:54
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Pu-Erh Cabinet build.

by maldoror » Feb 22nd, '12, 23:54

I'm going to build myself a cabinet for my counter top for my daily brewing convenience and if it works out i think i'm going to build a few more to try to sell.

mine will have 2 doors, probably be about two feet tall, have about 5 drawers that will each fit standard sized cakes on the right...on the left, perhaps two larger drawers, one for a brick or two and the other for miscellaneous tuos etc. the drawers will take up the bottom half of the cabinet and above will be a shelf for utensils, pots, etc.
some of you may know the cabinet builder Krenov. i'm thinking they will be similar to his style, on a smaller scale.

does anyone have any advice or ideas on what would make the perfect cabinet for them? i'm thinking this cabinet will not really be for storage, as much as a daily service cabinet. maybe storage cabinets will come next. does anyone have ideas on how the drawers should be built...i'm thinking of doing them humidor style...raw interiors...any ideas for wood that wouldn't interfere with the cakes? i'm thinking the drawers will pull all the way out with a hole cut out of one corner so you can tear into the cake while it's in the drawer and then pour it through the corner. also, let me know if you've seen anything similar anywhere.


Feb 23rd, '12, 03:09
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Re: Pu-Erh Cabinet build.

by G-off-re » Feb 23rd, '12, 03:09

My setup is 2 boxes. The large is filled with full cakes and sits undisturbed on my shelf. The smaller one is for daily use so it contains broken cakes and samples. For me a daily use box should be simple/small and not contain full cakes or bricks. If i plan to drink a tea ill break up enough for a few sessions and place it in the bag/jar rather than opening up the same cake all the time. For my style of drinking that type of cabinet would be clutter on my counter.

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Feb 23rd, '12, 06:58
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Re: Pu-Erh Cabinet build.

by Drax » Feb 23rd, '12, 06:58

Normally I would say that the principles don't change much between short-term and long-term storage from a wood perspective -- that is, go with something with minimal or no odor (the wood in my pu cabinet is honduran mahogany, which a cabinet maker suggested for low odor).

The idea of having the drawer double as a sifting tray is a neat idea, though.

As with G-off-re, I go the jar route (clay) for short term storage, so I can't help you much beyond speculation....

Feb 23rd, '12, 14:33
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Re: Pu-Erh Cabinet build.

by G-off-re » Feb 23rd, '12, 14:33

I just came across this site. http://www.wood-database.com/ it might have some useful info about odors and wood.

Feb 23rd, '12, 16:05
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Re: Pu-Erh Cabinet build.

by beecrofter » Feb 23rd, '12, 16:05

Making your beeng storage as trays with one corner missing for the drawers would serve as both the drawer pull and a convenient tray for teasing apart the cakes.

Feb 23rd, '12, 16:09
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Re: Pu-Erh Cabinet build.

by beecrofter » Feb 23rd, '12, 16:09

Even Ikea copies Krenov, but should you keep your box proportioned on the golden mean and your grains continuous you will be in the same realm.

Feb 23rd, '12, 16:23
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Re: Pu-Erh Cabinet build.

by beecrofter » Feb 23rd, '12, 16:23

I envision a 3 piece cabinet with a base and legs, a main cabinet section that rests on the base , and a top section that rests upon the main cabinet section that is a gong fu tray stored inverted.
Fastening them together could be as simple as a few short tenons or dowels to index their position, or as complicated as long tenons that attach and tighten with tapered tusk tenons.

I just don't get to do as much woodworking as I like these days.

Mar 4th, '12, 01:16
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Re: Pu-Erh Cabinet build.

by zencha » Mar 4th, '12, 01:16

McIntosh Tea Puer Tea Storage Guide :
This method is simple, fun, and affordable (especially since if done correctly you’ll actually be adding value to the tea as it ages!). This only takes about 20 minutes and costs around $30!
http://www.mcintoshtea.com/updates/2012 ... age-guide/

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