Tea Plantation in Guilin

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Apr 9th, '11, 07:55
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Tea Plantation in Guilin

by IPT » Apr 9th, '11, 07:55

Last month I visited a local tea plantation. The visit was a lot of fun. The tea plantation makes Maojian Tea, a type of Green Tea, and some Gui Hong Cha, a type of Chinese Red Tea. They make some incredible teas there. It is kind of an interesting place, because it also accepts tours, but the tourists who visit are only taken to one field and are only given mediocre teas to sample. The get the really good teas, you need to actually know the people there. The tea plantation has a research center, where scientists are always working to try to improve their teas. It is a fun place for me and I go there often.

To read more about my visit, you can check out my blog.
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Apr 9th, '11, 08:22
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Re: Tea Plantation in Guilin

by ChinesePottery » Apr 9th, '11, 08:22

just read your blog-post, seems you had a good time. :)

Mar 27th, '12, 05:31
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Re: Tea Plantation in Guilin

by mbanu » Mar 27th, '12, 05:31

A bit off topic, but do you know when they started making red tea in Guangxi? Was it a 19th century "congou" producer like Anhui and Fujian, or a later development like red tea in Yunnan?

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