New Teaism in Alexandria, VA

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Apr 9th, '12, 21:48
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New Teaism in Alexandria, VA

by Theo Sinensis » Apr 9th, '12, 21:48

At long last, Alexandria, Virginia has a proper tea house, and it is the newest location of Teaism, our local chain of tea restaurants based in the DC Metro area.

They've been open since 16 March, and we've been there eight times already. An excellent selection of teas is available (not too many, not too few), and their signature neo-Asian cuisine is combined with a nice menu of comfort-inducing dessert items from ginger scones to rice pudding to mochi.

Always a winner, and most welcome in Old Town Alexandria!

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Apr 10th, '12, 14:10
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Re: New Teaism in Alexandria, VA

by teaisme » Apr 10th, '12, 14:10

very nice, food looks very tasty

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Apr 10th, '12, 16:07
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Re: New Teaism in Alexandria, VA

by iannon » Apr 10th, '12, 16:07

oh for want of a nice teahouse in my area! alas unless I open one myself I do not see it happening :(

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