My first Yixing teapot

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Apr 14th, '12, 12:23
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Re: My first Yixing teapot

by Tobias » Apr 14th, '12, 12:23

Tead Off wrote:Can you explain what the painting and the yixing teapot have in common?
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Apr 14th, '12, 22:31
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Re: My first Yixing teapot

by bagua7 » Apr 14th, '12, 22:31

tingjunkie wrote:Hmmm... not sure what your experts are telling you, but I'd think baking soda would be a bad idea. Adding powder to the water can only clog pores, not unclog them. Then again, who knows...

I just read this somewhere online a while ago, but it would be interesting to hear a expert in the matter. Maybe JBaymore could share his personal view with us.

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Apr 15th, '12, 00:11
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Re: My first Yixing teapot

by Tead Off » Apr 15th, '12, 00:11

Baking soda is water soluble and shouldn't clog anything. Unless you are trying to clean stains or get rid of odors, I don't think it is necessary to boil a teapot with it. In any case, I strongly doubt it will hurt anything. It is such a good cleaner for stains on ceramics. My wife makes a paste and coats our porcelain cups from time to time. Makes them look new again. Good to get stains out of all ceramics. Great stuff.

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