SPL. grade designation?

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Apr 20th, '12, 16:51
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SPL. grade designation?

by mbanu » Apr 20th, '12, 16:51

Does anyone have a clear idea of what SPL means among the Indian tea producers that use this designation? (I know that in southern Sri Lanka, Spl. is used in a different way.)

I get the impression that it isn't related to leaf size (although I have heard it has been used that way when grading tea dust)... I have seen tea with various size grades carrying the SPL designation. (In this way, it is similar to the CL "clonal" designation, in that it describes an important attribute of the tea that is included in the grade listing, but is not grade-specific.)

I'm still not entirely sure what it is supposed to signify, though. Some descriptions have said that is stands for "special lot", and will then give a lot number, but I'm not sure I understand what this means. Is this a way of saying these teas are "one-offs" that were made-to-order for a particular buyer, and are not part of the regular production? That they come from experimental plots in a larger tea estate? Or is there another meaning?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Apr 21st, '12, 02:05
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Re: SPL. grade designation?

by chado.my.teaway » Apr 21st, '12, 02:05

Thats mean "Special" - Im sure. Special teas, probably have larger leaf than other - but im not sure;))

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Apr 21st, '12, 05:37
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Re: SPL. grade designation?

by SilentChaos » Apr 21st, '12, 05:37

Yip, SPL. just means special.....just hope its not spl. D and it's Ex. Spl. (extra special).

Interesting glossary of grade names here from the Tea Boad of India: http://teaboard.gov.in/inner1.asp?param_link_id=31040

Sorry if the link is redundant info, I found it interesting. :mrgreen:

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