Checking out unknown Ebay vendors

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Apr 27th, '12, 05:34
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Checking out unknown Ebay vendors

by kasey » Apr 27th, '12, 05:34

How does one go about this here? There is a site goshopstreet on Ebay that sells mostly oolongs and ripe puerh but some raw pu. Everything they show looks tantalizingly green without appearing photoshopped. Is this for real?

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Apr 27th, '12, 11:45
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Re: Checking out unknown Ebay vendors

by puerhking » Apr 27th, '12, 11:45

Looks like they were selling clothing and then transitioned to tea. They have 100 percent feedback that includes some tea. I think if you do not get your hopes up too high you should be fine. Take the long jing for example. If you look at the photo of the tea you can see lots of stems and longish looking leaves that make me skeptical about the AAA+ rating on it. More like A...which would be in line with the price. That's not to say it would be bad tea....just that you get what you pay for.

I saw this vendor last night and have to say that I was tempted to get the bi luo chun. :D

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