Health benefits of green tea when cold brewed?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

May 1st 12 12:07 pm
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Health benefits of green tea when cold brewed?

by SmidgeDE » May 1st 12 12:07 pm


I've been wondering if Green Tea has the same health benefits when brewed cold than when brewing it hot?

With cold brewing I mean putting the leaves into a jar with filtered water and leaving them in a fridge for about 12 hours.

It tastes really good and refreshing, but is it just as healthy?

Greetings from Germany,

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May 1st 12 5:48 pm
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Re: Health benefits of green tea when cold brewed?

by teaisme » May 1st 12 5:48 pm

I have no proof and can only go by my very subjective personal feelings

but imo it is not as beneficial as hot brewed (accounting for my daily lifestyle habits)

I dunno maybe it might have real good efficacy after some strenuous exercise in hotter environment, but I really don't strain too hard if at all so couldn't tell you if this might be the case :mrgreen:

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Jun 8th 12 10:24 pm
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Re: Health benefits of green tea when cold brewed?

by robbie_olive » Jun 8th 12 10:24 pm

Generally speaking, the hotter the water the more the antioxidants are released from the leaves, that is, if you let tea stand.

Here is some further info I found on the web, if it helps:

"Of course, there are pros and cons to brewing tea this way. Cold-brewing will produce a lighter-bodied tea with less astringency and bitterness, as this method draws out a fewer tannic compounds, which is great for a mellow, even sweet, iced tea.

"Cold-brewing is also more time efficient, since you can make a pitcher of tea and store it in the refrigerator for a few days without having to brew a batch every day.  On the flip-side, it is also suggested that cold-brewing will draw out as little as half of the caffeine and half the beneficial antioxidants derived by hot-brewing, but 'research' can’t speak to that. Some suggest that splashing the tea leaves with a little bit of hot water 'opens up the leaves', helping release stronger flavour, more caffeine and higher antioxidant levels."

Aug 14th 12 7:29 am
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Re: Health benefits of green tea when cold brewed?

by Helen In Nature » Aug 14th 12 7:29 am

Why not try eating the leaves to get the benefits?

It’s common knowledge that drinking green tea offers many health benefits, but did you know that further benefits are offered from eating green tea leaves? Using green tea leaves in salads, blending into smoothies or using as a seasoning for foods is a delicious way of getting the nutritional benefits that green tea has to offer as it takes full advantage of the antioxidants and vitamins in the leaves which are not fully extracted during the brewing process. Some components of green tea leaves are not water soluble at all, meaning that you are missing out on them by simply drinking the tea. To draw a comparison, we are encouraged to eat the vegetable and drink the water when we boil vegetables to ensure maximum health benefit. Why should green tea be any different?

Try saving the leaves next time you brew up and sprinkle them into a stir fry or even sprinkle dried leaves on top of ice-cream for a quick and easy way of incorporating green tea into your everyday diet.


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Aug 15th 12 3:03 am
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Re: Health benefits of green tea when cold brewed?

by bagua7 » Aug 15th 12 3:03 am

Exactly the same. A strong liver Qi purifier. :)

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Aug 22nd 12 12:09 am
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Re: Health benefits of green tea when cold brewed?

by Teacup1980 » Aug 22nd 12 12:09 am

In cold brew, Catechins (antioxidant) is extracted slowly. Even after 10 minutes (in the water of 104F), less than 50% of Catechins can be extracted.

Cold brew is healthy, but hot brew is healthier.

Jan 22nd 15 7:10 pm
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by Ambie » Jan 22nd 15 7:10 pm

Good thing you like the cold brew it is actually better for you! :D

Actually more recent studies show HIGHER antioxidants and other healthy benefits from cold brew. Including lower caffeine, so if you would prefer more caffeine and compromise on the health benefits a little go for hot. However, green tea should give a more mellow drawn out energy throughout the day when cold brewed.

There is a lot of literature about the different health benefits of Cold Brewing. Hear is a video on one of the many benefits.

DO NOT heat up the water before cold brewing or put it out in the sun! Cold brewing can be done at room temperature or in your fridge.

If you Google it you will find a lot more literature supporting the health benefits of cold brewing.

Enjoy your cold brewed tea! I too much prefer the flavor!!! Try mixing some fruit or dried orange peal in there as well to add some fun flavor to it!

Also, try Organic Matcha Green Tea for a healthy whole leaf version tea, or put in your smoothies and baked goods!!!

Mar 6th 15 9:55 pm
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Re: Health benefits of green tea when cold brewed?

by beforewisdom » Mar 6th 15 9:55 pm

My non-expert opinion is that it doesn't matter either way.

The studied done on green tea are actually done on green tea extracts. You know how those scientists like standardized things and knowing what they are dealing with.

It seemed like the modest benefits start out at least a quart a day, kept up consistently and other benefits found when testing extracts would require an impractical amount of tea consumption.

It seems like any health benefits green tea might have, even at larger amounts, could be undone by bad lifestyle habits.

Someone once told me to drink green tea because you enjoy it.

I think that is good advice.

If you are interested in health you will get more results getting regular sleep, joining a gym and cleaning up your diet.

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Mar 10th 15 1:15 pm
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Re: Health benefits of green tea when cold brewed?

by MEversbergII » Mar 10th 15 1:15 pm

Indeed; using it as a substitution beverage is often the best way to use tea for any health positives. Worth noting, there's an ISO set for tea infusion:

I suspect it's for taste testing and not chemical experiments. I posted up one in the "Tea and Health" forum on Fu Zhuan, where the experiment was one litre per day. However, it is noted that they used very little leaf - something like 1/2 gram per 100ml.


Mar 20th 15 4:50 am
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Re: Health benefits of green tea when cold brewed?

by VeliaMajeski » Mar 20th 15 4:50 am

Cold green tea is the most popular beverage after water. It is fat burining because it is rich in polyphenols mostly found in plants that helps to fight cancer, heart diseases, diabeties and age related brain changes.