Anyone seen this?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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May 7th, '12, 13:52
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Anyone seen this?

by puerhking » May 7th, '12, 13:52

Pretty cool tea encyclopedia for Chinese teas that has pics and info on a lot of teas. Here is the section on greens -

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May 7th, '12, 16:28
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Re: Anyone seen this?

by gingkoseto » May 7th, '12, 16:28

That's very cool! I like it that they keep everything simple and clear.

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May 7th, '12, 16:55
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Re: Anyone seen this?

by Chip » May 7th, '12, 16:55

Yes indeed ... but since it is an "encyclopedia," it would be great if it was more alphabetized (by category). Especially as the list grows longer and longer.

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