May 8th, '12, 22:54
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Another Yunnan Restaurant Opens in Manhattan

by zencha » May 8th, '12, 22:54 ... ref=dining#

It’s the freshness of many dishes, like salads, that distinguishes the cuisine of Yunnan Province, in southwestern China. Influences of neighboring Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam are evident. At this restaurant owned by Erika Chou, the chef, Travis Post, has created a menu of small plates. He uses many local ingredients, a habit acquired at Franny’s in Brooklyn, and a trend at some new Chinese restaurants. Here you will find typical Yunnanese dishes like chrysanthemum salad, scrambled egg with jasmine flowers, rice cakes with cured ham, fried potato balls and skewered lamb meatballs. (Wednesday): 79 Clinton Street (Rivington Street), (212) 253-2527.

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May 8th, '12, 23:15
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Re: Another Yunnan Restaurant Opens in Manhattan

by Poohblah » May 8th, '12, 23:15

yummy! I wonder if they have pu to drink after the meal.

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Re: Another Yunnan Restaurant Opens in Manhattan

by jennyzw » May 25th, '12, 01:06

usually, restaurant's tea is very normal tea, don't expect good tea there :D

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