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May 15th, '12, 16:33
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Tea jobs

by jyfetterolf » May 15th, '12, 16:33

As a recent graduate, I have been searching for some kind of employment beyond the run-of-the-mill type jobs, namely something I am more passionate about. To that effect, I love tea and would equally love working with it. So I was wondering if anyone had advice about getting my foot in the door, or where to look for opportunities, and so on.

A quick note: I am not a complete novice since I actually have worked in a tea business before. I worked for Teavana for about the entire year of 2011. While I did learn a create deal about tea there (almost entirely through a great co-worker who shared my intense passion), it was mostly just a simple sales position in which profit far outweighed a concern about customer or the actual product. With that said, what I mean by my desire to work within the world of tea is in a business that is unwilling to compromise their passion for tea for the chance to be a fortune 500 company.

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!