question about temperature and boiler

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May 19th, '12, 09:00
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question about temperature and boiler

by Fireflower » May 19th, '12, 09:00

hello everybody, i have a question that is it in my mind from a long time.
i have an electric boiler where is possible to set exactly temeperature.
for example, if i like to brew a sencha at 70°c i have to set boiler at 70°c or 80°c? i mean because of considering that tansferring water from boiler to teapot temperature should fall from 80°c to 70°c, that is right?

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May 19th, '12, 09:23
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Re: question about temperature and boiler

by Stentor » May 19th, '12, 09:23

Yes, I'd start out with a higher temperature than the one you want to brew at.
Remember that you can (and probably should) preheat your teaware by adding hot water to it. For example, you can quickly rinse the teapot with the 70° C water and then add tea and water. The drop in temperature should not be that much after the pot has been preheated. However, it will be a little below 70° C since it will take you more than 1 second to do this :)

Experiment a little and see how you like the tea.

Presonally, I prefer to start with (nearly) boiling water, preheat everything, an let it cool down to the desired temperature. I have a digital thermometer, though, which makes things easier, but it's not a necessity.

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May 19th, '12, 09:54
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Re: question about temperature and boiler

by Xell » May 19th, '12, 09:54

You have to consider also that most likely water will be more hotter when there is not much left and when it's full. But better try both and see what fits your taste more. Everyone has their own preferences :) Thermometer should help you achieve more consistent result.

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