Apr 21st, '12, 06:36
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Drinking your way through vintage Lipton's?

by mbanu » Apr 21st, '12, 06:36

Arnold Wright's 1907 Twentieth Century Impressions of Ceylon gives what seems to be a complete list of the Lipton's tea estates at the time... might be interesting to taste through. These were the (mostly) Uva teas that made Lipton's famous. :) I wonder how many still play a part in Lipton's blends?

The "Dambatenne Group" of estates:
Maha Dambatenne
Bandara Eliya
Sunny Peak

The "Monarakande Group" of estates:
Upper Lyegrove

Other Uva estates:

Non Uva(?):
Pooprassie Group

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Jun 7th, '12, 00:11
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Re: Drinking your way through vintage Lipton's?

by TwoDog2 » Jun 7th, '12, 00:11

I am guessing the fannings of teas from many of those estates still find their way into Liptons bags :lol:

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