Jun 8th, '12, 03:35
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Re: Started an herb garden, any tips?

by yanom » Jun 8th, '12, 03:35

Kalmal wrote:Anyone know anything about borage?
I grew it easily enough, started indoors then moved it ouside. Leaves taste interesting enough (bit like cucumber), flowers look really nice. Fun plant to grow.

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Jun 8th, '12, 22:48
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Re: Started an herb garden, any tips?

by Kalmal » Jun 8th, '12, 22:48

Yes! I've heard it tastes similar to cucumber. I'm so excited for it to grow! I love the little fuzzy leaves :) But it seems to be a thirsty plant.

@debunix- Our yard is currently overrun with catnip :] I'm trying to find things to do with it.. Other than feed it to the cat.. haha

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