My pu'erh storage cabinet

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Jun 9th, '12, 08:21
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Re: My pu'erh storage cabinet

by Drax » Jun 9th, '12, 08:21

From the sounds of it, definitely much easier for pu'erh...! You can go above 75F with the tea... it *seems* like if bugs are going to go after anything, they'll go after the wrappers on the tea.

Humidity is probably the most important element, which is why much of this thread has been discussing the water-bowls used in this particular cabinet. I think most of us try to stick around the 70% RH range +/- 10, but more likely on the higher side of the range (but not too high).

Jun 10th, '12, 17:51
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Re: My pu'erh storage cabinet

by ethan » Jun 10th, '12, 17:51

Yes, Drax, I think storing Pu-erh will be much easier than the cigars. When you tell me +/- 10 degrees is okay for humidity & temperatures ranging about how one's apartment would be anyway, the storage does not seem like an unwelcome task. The challenge (& fun) will be to acquire the tea that will please me when it is time to drink it. I made a lot of mistakes w/ cigars, but I did not go on-line to benefit from others' wisdom initially. W/ tea, I think I am being smarter. Thanks.

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