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Dec 17th, '07, 21:34
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by cupcake » Dec 17th, '07, 21:34

i'm mary kari lynn. i'm twenty three and i love tea and cake.

i spend most of the days making espresso. my tastes in all brewed drinks are pretty simple. i'm not a snob of any sort. but i like doing latte art and fine-tuning my steaming technique. i don't really want much more out of life.

my next endeavor is to get a really nice potted camellia and create simple, happy teas. when they are good, i hope to open a little tea shop, where i will also sell my pastries, and probably books.

when not making or drinking beverages, i'm taking photos of local bands and musicians at their gigs, writing and recording nerdy hip hop songs, watching korean soap operas, or playing videogames. =)

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Dec 18th, '07, 00:28
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by fencerdenoctum » Dec 18th, '07, 00:28

Hey there cupcake,

Welcome to Teachat! Glad to have you with us!

My advice, drink more tea and come chat with us!

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

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Dec 18th, '07, 00:39
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by Eastree » Dec 18th, '07, 00:39

Hiya, Cupcake.

What's in your cup?
(Sorry, Chip!)

Enjoy your stay here and feel free to jump in on anything!

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Dec 18th, '07, 02:25
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by skywarrior » Dec 18th, '07, 02:25

Welcome aboard!!!

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Dec 18th, '07, 02:38
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by Chip » Dec 18th, '07, 02:38

Is everyone stealing my line now... :lol:

Welcome Kari Lynn, the tea drinking cupcake gobbler.

Enjoy the forum and the tea fellowship. What's your fav cake? And what tea do you have with it?

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Dec 18th, '07, 04:54
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by Wesli » Dec 18th, '07, 04:54



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Dec 18th, '07, 05:48
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by Trey Winston » Dec 18th, '07, 05:48

Welcome :D

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Dec 18th, '07, 18:54
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by Laurence » Dec 18th, '07, 18:54

What kind of tea goes best with cake? Welcome. I LOVE camellias in pots or the ground.

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Dec 18th, '07, 23:35
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by cupcake » Dec 18th, '07, 23:35

vanilla flavored teas are excellent with cake, as are black teas with honey. =)

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Dec 19th, '07, 09:05
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by CynTEAa » Dec 19th, '07, 09:05

Welcome, Cupcake! What's your favorite cake? :)

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Dec 19th, '07, 16:18
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by Eastree » Dec 19th, '07, 16:18

CynTEAa wrote:Welcome, Cupcake! What's your favorite cake? :)
I'd guess the answer is already given >:D

Dec 19th, '07, 18:21
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by Michael_C » Dec 19th, '07, 18:21

meep meep

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