Happy Spring, from Ottawa

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May 9th, '12, 09:30
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Happy Spring, from Ottawa

by Vermilion » May 9th, '12, 09:30

I've always really appreciated tea, but have never put the time/effort/resources into learning more about it and fully loving it. I've recently started running again, and have given up coffee 6 days a week. Also, I've been cutting back on alcohol by drinking a tea instead when I'm spending time with friends/family in the evenings, so I have found myself more interested in tea! Unfortunately, the teas in my pantry are limited in diversit(ea), and probably past their best before.

I've mainly come here to learn as much as I can, and to decide which teas to try next!

My current favourite is black chai. For all I know that is as unspecific as it gets, and there are hundreds of types, but I love how all of the spices add to the overall flavour - particularly the unexpected black pepper. mmm.

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May 9th, '12, 10:16
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Re: Happy Spring, from Ottawa

by sherubtse » May 9th, '12, 10:16

Welcome to Teachat! Nice to see another Canadian, esp. one from such a great city as the "Big O". :mrgreen:

If memory serves, there are a few good tea shops in your fair city, as well as in Hull/ Gatineau.

Best wishes,

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Jun 14th, '12, 23:26
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Re: Happy Spring, from Ottawa

by Tao » Jun 14th, '12, 23:26

Welcome, it is always happy to see more Canadian tea drinker here.

The teashop in Hull/ Gatineau should be "CHAYI"

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Jul 17th, '12, 08:18
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Re: Happy Spring, from Ottawa

by Chip » Jul 17th, '12, 08:18

Welcome Vermilion hope to see you around TeaChat! :mrgreen:

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