Tea Art & Culture Expo 2012 (Malaysia)

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Jun 17th, '12, 19:54
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Re: Tea Art & Culture Expo 2012 (Malaysia)

by auhckw » Jun 17th, '12, 19:54

gingkoseto wrote:It's a very interesting way to let tea drinkers vote for awards. I think it's much better than voting by a small group of experts, who don't usually agree with each other and there is no way to know how they agree with each other on the voting results :lol:

But I'm surprised xiaguan tuo of merely 2011 wins a silver award. It's not blind tasting and everybody sees the wrapper, right? :wink:
We are also surprised how that xiangfan tuo can win a award. We tried it and nothing great. Probably organizer have to give xiaguan something since they took 4 booths and first time doing dedicated booth :lol: (speculate)

The blind tasting samples are repack. No original wrapper. Just a silver pack with number on it to match the voting paper.

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