Hello from Northeast Ohio

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Jun 21st, '12, 22:49
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Hello from Northeast Ohio

by LukeS » Jun 21st, '12, 22:49

Hello, everyone. I've been on the site before, but I finally registered.

I'm from Ohio, born and raised, and began with tea when I was a kid. I drank Lipton with lemon and sugar until I was about 16, when I had my first Earl Grey (accidental, my friend offered me a sip). From there, I started buying different bags of tea (since Twinings always had $3 for a box of each type), with my favorite being their Lady Grey. A couple years ago I had my first loose-leaf tea (by accident), which came from a TeaForte tea chest that I won containing their silk pyramids. I then got a couple free tins of other types (thanks to an awesome gift certificate I won to a specialty foods site). I drink all kinds now, rooibos, herbals, green (for before bed), and white, but I still love plain black with one spoon of sugar for my mid-afternoon tea.

A series of lucky events led me to loose tea, but it's nice to be here!

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Jun 21st, '12, 22:53
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Re: Hello from Northeast Ohio

by Chip » Jun 21st, '12, 22:53

Welcome to TeaChat LukeS, looking forward to seeing more of you around the forum.

Have a great TeaNight! :mrgreen:

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Jun 26th, '12, 00:23
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Re: Hello from Northeast Ohio

by FlyedPiper » Jun 26th, '12, 00:23

Welcome to TC!

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Jun 28th, '12, 23:12
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Re: Hello from Northeast Ohio

by BioHorn » Jun 28th, '12, 23:12

Hello Luke,
Welcome to TC.
Nice to hear from someone else from NEO. Areyou E or W side?

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