Favorite factory sheng 2004-2009ish?

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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May 30th, '12, 22:40
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Re: Favorite factory sheng 2004-2009ish?

by tingjunkie » May 30th, '12, 22:40

teaisme wrote:Do you all think that a good cake, even though 'confused' at that particular time of tasting, can be discerned as a good amidst the 'confusion'?
By a master, probably. By me, nah! :wink:

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Jul 10th, '12, 16:33
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Re: Favorite factory sheng 2004-2009ish?

by teaisme » Jul 10th, '12, 16:33

I know this is a little older then 2004, but close enough right>?
Also not stored in kunming. YS.

2003 Wu Chi Dao "Mengku Zheng Shan"

Wu chi dao is worth a go imo. Very easy going, balanced, a straightforward, comfortable, nice light slightly wet aged taste. Doesn't really stick around too long in the mouth and throat, but I don't mind (haven't pushed it heavy yet though). I'm more then content just to brew it lighter and have it finish clean. Price got hiked up 7-8 dollars last week when he restocked them. Considering this as one of my first cakes to explore more in depth since it is so 'simple' :mrgreen:

Also had a couple nice sessions with a sample of the 2007 Mengku "Mu Ye Chun 001" recently.

Jul 10th, '12, 17:31
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Re: Favorite factory sheng 2004-2009ish?

by shah82 » Jul 10th, '12, 17:31

There is a reason why it's basically about 2004-2005 that marks the boundary. Teas that people actually seriously tried to make well before 2004 were usually pretty good. Therefore, it's not a surprise that the Wuchidao is an okay and cheap tea.

Boutique tea runs from 2003 (Chen Yuan Hao wild leaf) to about 2007 (let's mark the first serious ChenShengHao LBZ '08 as the first watered down hot stuff).

There are great factory teas after 2005 and great boutique teas before 2003 and after 2007, but they are rarer, and known for what they are, i.e., expensive.

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Jul 13th, '12, 22:09
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Re: Favorite factory sheng 2004-2009ish?

by chrl42 » Jul 13th, '12, 22:09

Favorite factory commercial Bing...I'd go for Changtai Yi Chang Hao series

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