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Aug 21st, '12, 18:54
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Re: Scale

by AdamMY » Aug 21st, '12, 18:54

Drax wrote:
tenuki wrote:Every time you use a scale a tea fairy looses her wings...

So what does a tea fairy lose when somebody uses a teaspoon or tablespoon? :lol:
I would guess nothing. As while my wooden tea scoop is not a particular standard measuring unit, I still have to know how full to fill it with each different tea. Not to mention even with the same bag of tea the amount of leaf in a teaspoon can vary quite a bit. ( Is it mostly broken bits near the bottom, or full fresh leaves towards the top?)

Aug 21st, '12, 22:49
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Re: Scale

by ciphoto » Aug 21st, '12, 22:49

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