Tried some Megami Sencha

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Aug 2nd, '12, 19:57
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Tried some Megami Sencha

by cinemadonkey » Aug 2nd, '12, 19:57

Just tried some megami sencha for the first time from Wegman's, I'm kind of new to Japanese greens but I sort of like this one. I was curious as to what other Japanese greens I should try and what your thoughts were on Megami sencha.

Sep 13th, '12, 23:39
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Re: Tried some Megami Sencha

by inspectoring » Sep 13th, '12, 23:39

I think wegmans sells it for a higher price. It's funny as tey sell megamouth and okimidori at the same price.

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