Tuition fee tea

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Sep 14th, '12, 11:56
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Tuition fee tea

by apache » Sep 14th, '12, 11:56

I saw Cloud just post some links on HK forum about his recent articles on a new paper magazine. One article was about green tea puerh and I think it may be useful to post some of the key points he made in the article here as well.

Tuition fee tea (abridged)

Most of these tea is aromatic "green tea" like puerh. However, as these teas age, they will loss their aroma or even become inferior in taste.

Another mistake inexperience puerh drinkers would make is looking for intact leaves on the cake or whether there are 2 leaves in a bud, but all these have nothing to do with taste of the tea. And most of the time this type of tea would taste rather bland as there was insufficient rolling during the processing of the leaves to preserve the attractiveness intact leaves on the cake. Correct rolling is very important, not enough, it would taste rather bland, too much it would be too bitter.

Original article: ... txt&Page=1

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Sep 14th, '12, 12:49
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Re: Tuition fee tea

by jayinhk » Sep 14th, '12, 12:49

Thanks for sharing. :)

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Sep 18th, '12, 21:28
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Re: Tuition fee tea

by TwoDog2 » Sep 18th, '12, 21:28

Interesting bit about the rolling, maybe I shouldn't look down on broken leaves so much. However, there are many raw teas that I love, both with broken and unbroken leaves

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Sep 18th, '12, 22:26
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Re: Tuition fee tea

by MarshalN » Sep 18th, '12, 22:26

There's a difference between broken and rolled. Rolled = thin, wiry looking thing, instead of ones with broad leaves. Broken is broken. When they roll the tea, especially by hand, not a lot of breaking happens since the leaves are still soft.

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Sep 19th, '12, 00:01
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Re: Tuition fee tea

by chrl42 » Sep 19th, '12, 00:01

As Puerh got attentions, many none-Yunnan provinces started to make Puerh-like tea.

I drank Liu An of Anhui the other day, almost too bitter :(

Now, even though Hong Kongers and Taiwanese advertised this Pu to become popular, it looks Puerh still owns a crown in post-fermented tea area :?

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